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**Help Free Marty Puccio**
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Help Justice get served !
Marty Puccio deserves his freedom


This web site was created with hoped that Marty Puccio will one day be afree man and get his life back . If you have read the book or seen the movie "Bully" please do not let what you have learned give you insight into this case . Marty Puccio was a victim of terror for years and years , the physical and mental abuse he suffered by the hands of Bobby Kent was brutal and cruel . Marty is by nature a very passive person , letting it go and on .When he was introduced the idea of killing Kent he thought it was crazy , but as weeks gone by and the abuse was worse then ever he didn't know what else he could do . The trauma had forced him to be backed into a corner , when abuse victims suffer for so long they one day lash out . Marty did not intend to let it get as far as it did , he is in no way a violent person . He is one of the few still in prison for this crime and yet he was the one who was terrorized all those years . Marty was fortunate enough to have the original sentence of death overturned , now its up to the people to help him take the next step and obtain his freedom. He has been in prison for over 10 years , in that time he has rehabilitated his life and became a server of god , helping many inmates turn their lives around as well .His only wish to be able to be a father to his daughter and back with his family someday soon . If you have any questions , comments or want to know how you can begin to learn more and help please use the links provided . Thank you all

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